Decal Application

Garden Sensory Path Decals

What makes our decals different?

Our vinyl comes printed on a Premium permanent 3M® vinyl. Each decal is pressure sensitive for easy, bubble-free decal application.

We make our indoor vinyl with a laminated topcoat to help provide better longevity. Lemon and Grey’s vinyl decals have a slide ability feature that allows them to reposition until pressure is applied. Once you apply pressure to the decal, they permanently adhere to the floor.

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Professional Installations

At this time, we are no longer offering installation options. However, our decals are easy to install, and we provide detailed instructions with every order.

Lemon and Grey | Sensory Paths

What tools are required?

The only tool required for application is a card squeegee.

We want to make decal application as easy as possible. That’s why we provide a card squeegee for free with every order.

  • Decal Application

    Complete vinyl application instructions are included with each order.

    * Gently remove the decal from the paper backing and apply to your desired area.

    * Once the decal is in place, lightly smooth the decal with the provided card squeegee to remove any bubbles.

    * That’s it!

  • Waxing after application

    After application, we recommend applying 5-6 layers of a non-yellowing wax. Waxing will protect your decals from wear and tear and provide durability and longevity.


    Please allow 12-24 hours after decal application before waxing. It is best to apply your current wax on top of your sensory path decals. Using your wax will help to keep the performing characteristics the same.

  • Floor Types

    For the best decal application, we recommend starting on a clean floor. Please make sure that you have swept and mopped the floor before application. If you have stripped the wax from your floor, it is best to apply one wax layer before decal application.


    We recommend these floor types for the best results.

    * ceramic tile

    * sealed concreate

    * terrazzo