Outdoor Sensory Path Decals

Outdoor Sensory Path Decals

Outdoor Decal Application Surfaces

Each of our Outdoor Sensory Path decals has a non-slip texture top and a reinforced fabric on the adhesive side.

* Outdoor Surfaces (concrete, brick, and asphalt)

* Exterior Walls (smooth concrete, brick, and stucco)

* Interior Walls and Floors (no waxing required)

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This product is not intended to last outdoors indefinitely. We recommend applying your decals in a covered area protected from excess rain or snow. Exposing the decals to water may cause them to lift over time.

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    Outdoor Decal Application

    Complete vinyl application instructions come with each order.

    1. Remove dirt and debris from the surface decals will be applied.

    2. Using the included card squeegee, gently smooth the decal into place, removing any bubbles.

    – We recommend applying decals when the temperature is over 50 degrees for the best application.

  • Removal

    This product can form a permanent bond over time. Removal of the decals may leave some adhesive residue behind. 


    * On exterior surfaces, you may use a pressure washer to remove the leftover residue. 

    * On interior floors, we recommend using your regular cleaning products to remove any leftover residue. In some cases, stripping your interior surface may be required.

  • Waxing after Application

    You may use the outdoor sensory path decals for indoor use.  If you are using the decals on an interior floor, waxing is not required.

Product Usage Statement

We, Lemon and Grey Designs LLC, believe this product information to be accurate. However, since we cannot anticipate or control the conditions under the applied decals, we cannot guarantee results obtained through their use. We recommend users testing the products to determine the suitability of our decals for a specific purpose. All decals are sold without warranty, either expressed or implied. If you have any questions or concerns regarding returns or exchanges, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.