Purchase Orders

  • Does your school or organization need a quote or W9 form?

    All quote and W-9 request are processed as quickly as possible, usually within a 24-48 hour time frame.

    Please make sure to select which form you are needing before submitting your message.

    Be sure to include:

    - your name and email

    - your organizations name and billing/shipping address

    - the SKU’s for each product you would like added to your quote along with the needed quantity

    - if you are needing custom sizing please make sure to include your desired dimensions

    - be sure to select the ‘I’m needing a Quote’ box before clicking submit

  • Using a Purchase Order?

    You can now upload your purchase orders directly from our website.

    Please be sure to include:

    - your contact name, email address and phone number (in case we have any questions)

    - purchase order number

    - date of purchase order

    - quote or estimate number (if previously requested)

    - billing information including contact name, phone number, email address (if available), billing address and fax number

    -shipping information if different than billing address

    - products name, SKU’s and quantity

    - order total

    - authorized signature of purchaser

You may also submit your purchase orders by faxing or emailing them to us if you prefer.

Email: casey@lemonandgreysensorypaths.com

Fax: (816) 432-8180

Please review our Terms and Conditions before submitting your purchase order.